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House Maids, House Servants, and House Adminstrators can be found throughout the lands. They are responsible for allowing entry into the player's house, changing the house password, and selling any basic furniture a player may wish to buy. They are also in charge of opening one's bank box, allowing visits to other player's houses, and interchanging freely between the player's primary and secondary classes. To apply for a house, simply speak to any of the House Maids.

Zone POI Name
Howling Mountains Logar Meydo
Elven Island Valley of Preparation Lamila Dya
Yrvandis Hollows Morfantas City Lucia Billings
Varanas Varanas Lower City West
Varanas Lower City East
Marliss Sisters
Aslan Valley Tavern "The Distillery" Linda
Ystra Highlands Harf Trading Post Jeddar Mays
Ravenfell Abandoned Fortress "Anenome" Tadesha
Weeping Coast Boulderwind Village Shrade
Obsidian Stronghold Mercenary Square
Crafting Square
Mishia Sisters
Sascilia Steppes Reifort Camp Kulade
Ayren Caravan Jessica
Dragonfang Ridge Lyk Fenati
Aotulia Volcano Dimarka Molly Jean
Savage Lands Green Tower Madilin
Thunderhoof Hills Dalanis Old City District Aliena Silyn
Coast of Opportunity Heffner Camp Nicole Rebecca
Xaviera Static Lathrofea Barok Ulan
Thunderhoof Hills Dalanis Old City District Aliena Silyn
Aren Liliana Silyn
Southern Janost Forest Kandor Vasilna Isa
Northern Janost Forest Rh'anka Village Sisiran Beetleshell
Limo Desert Kingdom of Limon Milion Whitefang
Land of Malevolence Kampel Town Peki Chorayne
Redhill Mountains Fireboot Underground Fortress Foreign Quarter Shaif Rebecca
Tergothen Bay Piranha Port Shiya Chaks
Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan Front Line Alliance Camp - Rest Area John Roger
Chrysalia Sagthorne Camp Milo Roger
Merdhin Tundra Cadoon Christine Wor
Syrbal Pass Hyern Village Sahaly Leitin
Sarlo Wall of Patrace Momo Cidolph
Wailing Fjord Muckgale Port Nahalya Kohn
Jungle of Hortek Leorden Stronghold Hal Fell
Salioca Basin Pioneers Camp Nafisa Goda
Kashaylan Hovik's Camp Gillie Luss
Splitwater Coast Brinewind Castle Kelly Silearn
Moorlands of Farsitan Heroica Fortress Udzill Tjark
Tasuq, Korris, Enoch, Vortis, Chassizz Gray Citadel, Icefog Camp, Nebula Woods Camp, Azure Camp, Halfmoon Camp, Camp at Cape Luna, Dawn Encampment, Scorching Sun Camp Maria Blei