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Flower Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Flower Festival (February)

This page represents the festival as it appeared in 2024. The 2024 Flower Festival started on January 25th (patch

During this time of year monsters throughout Taborea have a chance to drop Cocoa Bean Cocoa Bean and Lover's Passion Lover's Passion, ingredients in the making of Love Chocolate. Monsters closer to your own level have the best chance to drop these, but everything has a chance.

Milk Milk is also needed to make Love Chocolate, and for [Event Daily] Thick Creamy Milk, and comes from Milk Cows. We have seen one in Logar and two in Engor (a village south of Dalanis). To get the cows to give milk you will need Mountain Demon Grass Mountain Demon Grass, Beetroot Beetroot, and/or Moxa Moxa. Do yourself a favor and just go harvest a stack of each, do not refine them, and keep them on you until Flower Festival is over.

BTW, Love Chocolate Love Chocolate restores 35% of your HP, and can also be used in stacks of 5 to pay to broadcast a Message of Love, but has no other use or importance in this festival. There is no Title associated with it, nor will it earn you any Flower Festival Attendance Certificates Flower Festival Attendance Certificates.

Secret Admirer[ | ]

I have been admiring you from a distance for quite awhile now. But I never had the courage to tell you. With this special day, however, I balled up my courage and am sending you a gift as a mark of admiration.

-- Your anonymous sweetheart

During this time (2/10 to 2/14) you will receive daily emails, Love Letters from your Secret Admirer (RoM Sweetheart). The following are some (hopefully most) of what was received in 2021. Future years should be about the same but slightly different.

Dramatis Personae[ | ]

Dalanis[ | ]

Abandoned District of Dalanis

Dalanis Central District

Dalanis Old City District

Varanas[ | ]

Varanas Central Plaza

Limited time availability, Channel 1 ONLY, once per day per NPC, 5000 exchanges max per NPC per day per server!!! (ended 2/21/2017)

Varanas Bridge

Howling Mountains[ | ]


Obsidian Stronghold[ | ]

Glory Square

  • Ohm Harkins [Flower Child] (42.2, 52.4) - Pay Love Chocolate Love Chocolate ×5 to broadcast a Message of Love

Valentine's Day[ | ]

On the weekend closest to Valentine's Day, some special things may happen. At the very least there will be a Boost event, and there may be some special drops and such.

See Valentine's Day for more specific information for this year.

Events[ | ]

Message of Love[ | ]

Pay Love Chocolate Love Chocolate ×5 to broadcast a world-wide Message of Love

Thunderhoof Hills Events[ | ]

Dalanis[ | ]

Flower God's Messenger[ | ]

Receive Lilies of Love Lilies of Love ×5 each day

Give Lily of Love Lily of Love to other players to receive buff "Grace of Flower God"

  • Giver: TP increased by 10% for 10 min. Has a chance to give you a Wild Lily Wild Lily.
  • Receiver: Drop Rate increased by 30% for 10 min.

Trade Transport Rune Transport Rune for Celebratory Chocolate Celebratory Chocolate

  • Buff: Luck of the Flower God: Drop Rate increased by 30% for 15 min.


Flower Festival Pie[ | ]

Deliver Festival Pie to Sisaylin the Perplexed.

  1. Sisaylin the Perplexed [Originator of the Flower Festival Pie]
  2. Lunilla the Annoyed
  3. Saska the Gloomy
  4. Sisaylin the Perplexed

Return to Sisaylin the Perplexed for your reward: Flower Festival Attendance Certificate Flower Festival Attendance Certificate and Flower Festival Reward Pie Flower Festival Reward Pie ×3 (XP gain increased by 30% for 1 hr)

Fresh Chicken Eggs[ | ]
Thick Creamy Milk[ | ]
Important Filling[ | ]
The Last Ingredients[ | ]

True Love and Miracles[ | ]

This young man apparently has a lot of groveling to do...

  1. Auermo [Injured Young Man]
    1. [50][Event Daily] Auermo's Confession
    2. [50][Event Daily] Auermo's Confession
    3. [50][Event Daily] Auermo's Confession
  2. Hertha [Flower Shop Owner]
  3. Auermo [Injured Young Man]
    1. [50][Event Daily] Auermo's Confession
    2. [50][Event Daily] Auermo's Confession
    3. [50][Event Daily] Auermo's Confession
    4. [50][Event Daily] Auermo's Confession
  4. Hertha [Flower Shop Owner]
Auermo's Confession[ | ]
Hertha's Letter of Reply[ | ]

After Auermo's Confession has been completed 3 times...

True Love and Miracles[ | ]

After Auermo's Confession has been completed 7 times, and Hertha's Letter of Reply once

Blue Roses[ | ]

Sternhorn[ | ]

The Big Wooden Box[ | ]

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Agatha Kayser [Flower Festival] - just outside Sternhorn

  1. [35][Event Daily] Roaring Trade - Help Agatha Kayser pick some flowers from the flowerbed near Sternhorn.
  2. [35][Event Daily] Clues in the Love Letter - Help Agatha Kayser decipher the clues in the love letter to deliver it to the intended recipient.
  3. [35][Event Daily] The Great Big Wooden Box - Agatha Kayser needs your help with examining the contents of the suspicious Wooden Box...

Total reward: Flower Festival Attendance Certificate Flower Festival Attendance Certificate ×4 (that is enough for a Flower Festival Happiness Package Flower Festival Happiness Package per day)

Varanas Events[ | ]

Love Chocolate[ | ]

Grow Magical Roses[ | ]

  • Event type: Grow
  • Start location, NPC: Varanas Central Plaza, Eve [Flower Spirit Envoy]
  • Event Sequence:
    1. Receive Magic Rose Seed Magic Rose Seed and Water Container, plant Magic Rose Seed Magic Rose Seed in Magical Rosebed, water, defend from enemies, harvest
    2. Click on Magical Rosebed to plant the Magic Rose Seed Magic Rose Seed
      • Click on Water Bucket to fill the Water Container
        • Water Container goes away and you receive Water Filled Container
      • Click on plant to water it
      • Kill any pests that attack the plant
  • Rewards:
    • Flower Fairy casts Blessing of the Flower God on you (increase HP Recovery by 20, and Maximum HP and MP by 5%, for 1 hour)
    • 1-5 Romantic Roses Romantic Roses

Exchange Magical Rose Seed[ | ]

Rose Growing Contest[ | ]

If you ask her for the reward the next box will tell you how many pots you have grown so far.

Protecting a Lover's Hope[ | ]

After 2nd completion (not repeatable): Receive Flowers from Evana Flowers from Evana and deliver them to Namu Phel in Logar, then deliver the Entrusted Reply Entrusted Reply from Namu Phel to Evana Javelin in Varanas Central Plaza. Once again, both the Flowers from Evana Flowers from Evana and the Entrusted Reply Entrusted Reply will expire in 2 hours, so don't dawdle!

Wedding Bouquet[ | ]

Wedding Bouquet Timer


The Flower Pixie and the Flower Blessing[ | ]

  • Event Type: Guide/Protect
  • Start Location, NPC: outside Varanas Gates, Gaster
    • Times: Starts 10 minutes after the top of every hour (registration opens at top of the hour)
  • Event Sequence:
    1. Accept Gaster's plan (gain effect: Blessing-Collecting Volunteer, 15 minute timer)
    2. Step into the rotating flower area on the road and wait for the Flower Pixie
    3. Flower Protection Palm
      When the Flower Pixie appears she transforms you into a Flower Envoy Myconid and grants you a skill, Flower Protection Palm, to defend her with.
    4. Follow and defend the Flower Pixie from the Flower Thieves
    5. Periodically, along the path, Three Flower Thieves will appear.
      • Use Flower Protection Palm to zap him. Each may take more than one hit.
      • Pick up Flowers of Good Wishes to get an extra skill with a more powerful attack.
    6. When all three are gone the Flower Pixie will continue. Repeat until she declares it is time for her to go home.
    7. Return to Gaster with the Flower Blessing (10 minute timer).
  • Rewards:
  • Special Rewards:
Flower Blessing Circle

Blue Pixie[ | ]

  • Event Type: Jumping Puzzle
  • Event Start Location, NPC: Varanas Central Plaza, Ayfur
  • Event Sequence:
    1. Accept task and receive Clean Water for Watering Roses
    2. Using the floating stepping stones, jump to the top above the fountain, prove yourself to the Blue Rose Pixie, and water the Flower God's Blessed Blue Rose at the top.
  • Reward: ???

Flower God Brigade[ | ]

"Flame of Love" Athletic Contest[ | ]


  • At least 2 Players have to register and step into the magical circle for event to start.
  • Use your temporary skills or special buffs (Energy Balls) to obtain points in the "Arena"
    • 1 point for hitting another player
    • 2 points for defeating another player
    • If you are hit 3 times you are temporarily knocked down

Energy Balls (power-ups that randomly appear in the Arena):

  • Red: Defeat all opponents in range at once
  • Blue: Knock down all opponents in range
  • Green: Grants you temporary invulnerability

Mr. Swallowtail's Toss of Elegance[ | ]

special reward may be any one of:

Play for Free![ | ]

Once a day, Talk to Nikljars Wulfft first! (Note: using Flower Festival Repeat Ticket Flower Festival Repeat Ticket does NOT reset this!)

  1. Accept 1 free daily quest
  2. Get ticket from Waysie Stainbrick (Elegant Proof of Purchase effect, 2 hour duration), finish game, receive Special Gift for Nikljars
  3. Deliver Special Gift for Nikljars to Nikljars Wulfft

Reward: Flower Festival Attendance Certificate Flower Festival Attendance Certificate ×2

Event Special Item Shop Items[ | ]

Wedding Hall[ | ]

Planting Pots[ | ]

  • Eternal Love Pot Eternal Love Pot - 9Diamonds ($0.27)  (Ruby Bonus: 8Rubies ) - Planting Pot for Ore
  • Sweet Love Pot - 9Diamonds ($0.27)  (Ruby Bonus: 8Rubies ) - Planting Pot for Wood
  • Romantic Green Pot - 9Diamonds ($0.27)  (Ruby Bonus: 8Rubies ) - Planting Pot for Herbs

Furniture: XP Bonus[ | ]

  • Sweetheart's Pink Bed - 40Diamonds ($1.19)  (Ruby Bonus: 8Rubies ) - XP Bonus 25
  • Pink Sleeping Bed - 40Diamonds ($1.19)  (Ruby Bonus: 8Rubies ) - XP Bonus 25
  • Elegant Romance Wooden Fireplace - 35Diamonds ($1.04)  (Ruby Bonus: 7Rubies ) - XP Bonus 20

Furniture: TP Bonus[ | ]

  • Romantic Lantern - 15Diamonds ($0.45)  (Ruby Bonus: 3Rubies ) - TP Bonus 10
  • Pink Star Glory Chair - 15Diamonds ($0.45)  (Ruby Bonus: 3Rubies ) - TP Bonus 10
  • Violet Love Seat - 15Diamonds ($0.45)  (Ruby Bonus: 3Rubies ) - TP Bonus 10

Mounts[ | ]

70%[ | ]

65%[ | ]

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