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Festival Months Quest
Template Elemental
Attribute †
Festival of Fire Festival of Fire January to February E:NewYear Fire Festival Ic Earth Blessed New Year/Solar Return
Flower Festival Flower Festival February E:Flower Flower Ic Wind Love/Valentine's Day/Imbolc
Masked Ball Masked Ball March E:Frog
Masked Ball Ic Water Runes of Magic's Birthday (through 2015)
This festival appears to have been Removed From Game.
Anniversary Celebration Anniversary Celebration March Anniversary Anniversary Ic Water Runes of Magic's Birthday (2016+)
Walpurgisnacht Walpurgisnacht Spring Equinox Walpurgisnacht Mainly EU servers only
Music Festival Music Festival April to May E:Music Music Festival Ic Earth
Spring Rain Festival Spring Rain Festival April to May E:Spring Spring Rain Ic Fire Spring Equinox/Easter/Eostre
Crafting Festival Crafting Festival June E:Skillcraft Crafting Festival Ic Wind Litha
Colorweave Festival Colorweave Festival July to August E:Weave Colorweave Ic Water
Watermelon Event Watermelon Event Labor Day KR:MelonFestival Watermelon Ic Water Summer's End
Fairytale Festival Fairytale Festival August to September E:FairyTale Fairytale Ic Fire Lughnasadh/Mabon
Juice Festival Juice Festival October to November E:JuiceFestival Juice Ic Earth Oktoberfest/Beer
Pumpkin Festival Pumpkin Festival October to November E:Pumpkin Pumpkin Ic Wind Halloween/All Hallows' Eve/Samhain
Autumn Banquet Autumn Banquet November to December E:Thanksgiving Autumn Ic Water Thanksgiving
Snowflake Festival Snowflake Festival December to January E:Snowflake Snowflake Ic Fire Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice/Yule/Krampusnacht

† The Elemental Attribute is related to the creation of Zodiac and Draco Pets.

See Festival Items for a table of items that are found in the world only during specific Festivals.


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