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Earth Element Pet Crystal - Earth Geo Draconaris 
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In 2024, this festival began on January 14th with patch It replaced the Snowflake Festival. It ended on January 25th (patch and was followed by the Flower Festival.

Festival of Fire 1

In the past, when the frost and snow fell and the moon disappeared from the sky, the Frostmoon Demon Beast Thysdyr would awaken from his sleep and cause destruction everywhere. At the time, the people had no way to stop him, so they could only flee. They would wait for Thysdyr to leave, then return to rebuild their homes. The villagers lived through this nightmare year after year, until one year at this time, a strangely-dressed traveler came to visit even though he knew the terrible beast would attack.

That night, as Thysdyr's angry roar drew nearer and nearer, the traveler sat in the empty city, quietly waiting... The next day, the villagers returned to find their village untouched. Surprised, they asked the traveler what had happened. It turns out that Thysdyr was afraid of rune-catalyzed flame. This exciting news spread quickly to all the nearby villages. After that, every time the Frostmoon Beast awoke, he could only continue to hide in the darkness.

Many years have passed, and Thysdyr hasn't been seen for a long time. But every year when the snowy season arrives, people build a giant pyre and dance around it, throwing in rune catalysts. They celebrate day and night, and call the celebration the Festival of Fire. [1]

Festival Overview[ | ]

Ajis [Party Chef] in Varanas Central Plaza, or Lujken Lajet [Fire Official] at Dalanis Gates, will give you a Fire Festival Blessing Box Fire Festival Blessing Box, Earth Element Earth Element ×20, and Geo Draconaris Geo Draconaris ×10 in exchange for Festival of Fire Voucher Festival of Fire Voucher ×5, or trade you a Festival of Fire Repeat Ticket Festival of Fire Repeat Ticket for a Transport Portal Rune Transport Portal Rune.

Roger Lincoln [Rune Researcher], on the Varanas Bridge, will also trade you a Festival of Fire Repeat Ticket Festival of Fire Repeat Ticket for a Transport Portal Rune Transport Portal Rune.

Completing any of the event tasks may also award you a 1 hour Acclaim buff:

Acclaim Buffs[ | ]

Completing some events will motivate the NPC to give you an Acclaim Buff lasting 1 hour. This is in addition to any rewards.

  • Acclaim of Blessing: Adds 200 to Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina
  • Acclaim of Dynamism: Adds 200 to Physical Damage and increases Physical Damage by 1%
  • Acclaim of Energy: Adds 500 to Magical Attack, and increases Magical Attack by 1%
  • Acclaim of Magic: Adds 200 to Magical Damage and increases Magical Damage by 1%
  • Acclaim of Prayer: Adds 200 to Intelligence, Wisdom, and Stamina
  • Acclaim of Vigor: Increases your HP by 1000 and Maximum HP by 1%

Blessing Dynamism Energy Magic Prayer Vigor

Zodiac and Draco Pets[ | ]

Rewards from this Festival may contain a Ic Capricorn Pet Crystal.

For more information see Zodiac and Draco Pets.

Titles[ | ]

You may earn the following titles during this event.

Events[ | ]

You CAN get the needed Festival of Fire Voucher Festival of Fire Voucher ×5 each day without doing the timed events and without using a Festival of Fire Repeat Ticket Festival of Fire Repeat Ticket, but you have to do all five of the following events/tasks every day:

Silverspring[ | ]

Varanas Central Plaza[ | ]

Party Pest Control[ | ]
Flame Altar-Chsz (Object)

Flame Altar

Arcane Flame Skill
Arcane Flame effect
Thought Bondage

Go to Varanas Gates, find the Flame Altar, and get as much Arcane Flame as you can carry (100)! Now target a Hungry Mouse and use the Arcane Flame skill (Alt-1) to drive it away. When you target the Hungry Mouse, make note of his Ferocity level. If your Arcane Flame is less than his Ferocity you will need more Arcane Flame! If his Ferocity is more and you use Arcane Flame anyway, you will be struck with Thought Bondage and unable to move for a few seconds.

Be aware that your Arcane Flame will slowly die out. When it gets low, return to the Flame Altar to get more! Also, gathering Arcane Flame does not dismount you but using the Arcane Flame does.

Note: If you ask Ajis where the Flame Altar is, he will offer to send you directly there.

Iron Chef[ | ]
  • NPC: Drake Gates [Silverfall Chef]
  • Event type: Collect Items & Cook
  • Start location: Varanas Gates
  • Event Target: Collect food in Silverspring and cook it in the Silverfall Fire at Varanas Central Plaza
  • Repeatable every 3 hours (3 hour cooldown effect Chef's Hard Work placed on your Effect Bar)
  • There is no visible cook timer but what you get depends on how long it cooks, unless you wait too long and burn it. Burn it and you get nothing (except a title)!
  • Rewards:
Iron Chef - Extinguish


Get Ostrich Meat Ostrich Meat (rare drop) (NOT the Ostrich Tailbone Meat Ostrich Tailbone Meat!) from Colorful Ostriches or Young Ostriches in Tagena, and/or Wild Boar Meat Wild Boar Meat (common drop) from Charging Boars just north of Varanas Gates or Black Boars on the north side of Maidge's Farm, in Silverspring.

Chef's Hard Work

Once you have the meat, use the Silverfall Fire next to Drake Gates, choose a recipe, and use the Extinguish skill to douse the flames at the right moment! You must rest 3 hours after each cooking attempt.

Hint: We strongly recommend you use 2 rows in your bags to keep the food organized so you know at a glance which foods you have and which you have yet to perfect. Every time you cook, strive to fill one of the holes.

Varanas Gates/Bridge[ | ]

Ignite the Holy Fire Altar[ | ]

She wants you to drive one of the Holy Flame Chariots and use it's Holy Flame to ignite 7 altars within 60 seconds.


  • The chariots have a very large turn radius
  • The mouse moves your viewpoint only. Only WASD and up-down-left-right will move the chariot. Think of it like driving a tank.
  • The altars tend to be among obstructions to force you to eat time getting in and out.
  • You are not there to shoot flame. The whole front of the chariot is on fire. Just bump into the altar to light it.
Rune Chessboard[ | ]
Game start delay timer
Game start delay timer

You receive a chess piece of a certain color. Clicking on a Pure Rune Crystal will change it's color into the color of the chess piece you are holding. When 3 or more chess pieces of the same color line up your team will score. Think "Bejewelled". Diagonals work as well as straight rows or columns.

  1. After registration, you must wait 60 seconds to start the game.
  2. Up to 4 challengers may play at the same time.
  3. Registration is closed while the game is being played.
  • Chess Piece colors are: Red, Yellow and Blue. The color changes after each use.
  • work each row or column from the ends toward the middle so you get 5 gems instead of 3. This increases your score considerably.

Advice when playing in a team: Agree beforehand to assign a specific color to each row or column.

Specific Time Events[ | ]

All event start times are in Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8). If you are in the Central timezone (GMT -6), add 2 hours. If you are on the East coast (GMT -5), add 3 hours.

Schedule[ | ]
Stemming the Epidemic[ | ]
Treatment Progress

Take the Flame Powder Flame Powder and Rune Traps Rune Traps. Use them on affected animals in Silverspring.

The higher the point value the more powders it takes to cure the target. No trap is needed for the bunnies, just cure them.

Unusual Pathogen has been found multiple times near Peerston Farm. Also seen near the Kobolds.

Hint: Drop a trap near the mob, smack it lightly (not enough to kill it! Best would be to use a debuff to anger it without doing damage!) then kite it across the trap to snare it.

You can only get Rune Traps Rune Traps ×20 per task attempt. Ethan Bryce will replace your Flame Powder Flame Powder if you lose it but will not give you any more Rune Traps Rune Traps.

Flame of Fortune[ | ]
Prayer Altar (Object)

Prayer Altar

Jane Solon [Flame of Fortune Event Organizer] at the Varanas Gates will explain the rules to you and transport you (once per day only) to the Oblivion Shrine in Tagena but you have to talk to Giselle Fred when you get there to register.

Gather near the Prayer Altar, within the swirling misty circle. As a Rune appears, click on it, then use the skill to Throw Rune to throw it into the brazier atop the Prayer Altar. This accrues points to your Score.

When the event is over, you have 30 minutes to turn in the points for your rewards.

Thunderhoof Hills[ | ]

Dalanis Gates[ | ]

Light the Pyre![ | ]
Light the Pyre Status Box

Status is displayed on left side of UI, just above the Chat window

To light a fire:

Light the Pyre Skills

Water Bucket and Catalysis Rune skills

  • You have 60 seconds to reach and maintain the instructed flame intensity. The acceptable margin of error is +/- 3.
  • The fire will randomly grow or shrink.
  • Use Water Bucket (Alt-1) to Decrease flame intensity a random amount.
  • Use Catalysis Rune (Alt-2) to increase flame intensity a random amount.

There is no transport NPC to send you to Dalanis Gates so you will need to use other means. Transport via Snoop Portal from Varanas, first to Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan and then on to Thunderhoof Hills, will cost you 4,400Gold  total.

Light the Pyre

Tomara[ | ]

Giant Beast[ | ]

Rewards: Festival of Fire Voucher Festival of Fire Voucher ×5/day
Giant Beast Archaeologist

  1. [1][Event Daily] Mysterious Ancient Giant Beast - Help Giant Beast Archaeologist find more Special Cursed Stone Tablets for the clues about Mysterious Ancient Giant Beast.
  2. [1][Event Daily] Lair - Help Giant Beast Archaeologist in locating the lair of Mysterious Ancient Giant Beast.
  3. [1][Event Daily] Stolen Scale - Help Giant Beast Archaeologist retrieve the precious Scales of the Mysterious Ancient Giant Beast Scales of the Mysterious Ancient Giant Beast from Avano bandits!

Dust Devil Canyon/Valley of Scars[ | ]

Drive Beast[ | ]

Aishas Gracia tells you that they need Flame Rune Flame Rune ×3 or Ice Rune Ice Rune ×3 to power the device to attract Thysdyr. The devices power will only last for 5 minutes so Thysdyr must be contained within that time limit. Additional Flame Runes Flame Runes will need to be used to defeat him.

The Magic Circle behind Aishas Gracia will return you to where you came from.

The confrontation takes place in a cave instance behind the waterfall (Cavern of Trials). Use Flame Runes Flame Runes on the Red Device and Ice Runes Ice Runes on the Blue Device to begin the encounter.

Festival of Fire 2

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