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Fairytale Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Fairytale Festival (August to September)
The information on this page changes, a little or a lot, each year. The following years are links to past versions of this page.
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In 2020, the Fairytale Festival went live on 8-13 with Patch It ended the morning of September 17th with patch and the activation of the Juice Festival.



There are 3 titles granted by tasks in this festival.

There is no title for Magic Users.


Secret Library (NEW for 2021!!!)[]

To enter (or exit) talk to the Old Storybook at Varanas Gates or Dalanis Gates. Alternately, if you "took the book" you can "use" the Old Storybook Old Storybook to be transported immediately to the Secret Library (or sent back where you came from).

The Great Library Adventure[]

The Great Library Adventure quest chain - Old StorybookWhite WabbitLuna Wulfft

Help the little girl Luna Wulfft to break her curse! Let her follow you and complete the tasks given by the storybook. Pay attention to Black Cat Sam, if you catch him you might get an extra gift!

  1. [1][Event Daily] The Great Library Adventure - Help Luna Wulfft find Storybooks in the Secret Library to complete 3 stories


Little Angel's Love[]

Little Demon's Mischief[]

When you agree to help him he places the effect Envoy of Mischief (6 hour duration) on you which grants you the temporary skill, Frog Kiss. You may use Frog Kiss 5 times during the 6 hour window.

Target other players and use the Frog Kiss on them.

  • Target cannot be mounted.
  • Each successful cast earns you a Envoy of Mischief Certificate Envoy of Mischief Certificate.
  • If they are under the effect Love Kiss, it applies Red Frog Kiss and Broken Heart.
  • If they are under no other effect will get Red Frog Kiss, transforming them into a Red Frog for a brief time.
  • Those already under Red Frog Kiss are immune.

Magical Nautilus Shell[]

  • Event type: collect monsters via magical shell
  • Start: Speak to Lily Lotusiron at Varanas Gates (north end of the bridge}
  • Start Times: 1:00 pm, 4 :00 pm, 7:00 pm, and 10:00 pm PDT
  • Event Target: find and collect squirrels
  • Reward: Fairy Tale Point Card Fairy Tale Point Card ×5 (for success only)

Find a Squirrel, target him and play the Magical Nautilus Shell. Repeat until you have enthralled 4 Squirrels then quickly go to her brother Fallu Aymek at the south end of the bridge to turn them in. You must do ALL of this within 2 minutes of receiving the Magical Nautilus Shell from Lily Lotusiron before it's magic fades.

It may be important to locate 4 Squirrels before getting this task. Sometimes a channel only has 3, in which case you should change channels until you find 4.

Story Ceremony[]

Talk to the Storyteller and get an Old Magic Storybook Old Magic Storybook. You will also receive a Story Element Card (not physical, it appears on your active effects bar). Group with other players and, when your group's combined Story Element Cards match all the elements of a specific story, that story's title will be revealed in your Old Magic Storybook Old Magic Storybook.

Example: Let's say you have Brotherhood as your story element. If you can find 3 other players that have Princess, Sorceress, and Betrayal/False Object then you will unlock The Weaving of Light and Dark as described on Torn Page - Chapter 3 Torn Page - Chapter 3

If you can unlock ALL of the stories return to the Storyteller for a reward.

See Old Magic Storybook#Stories by Story Element for more information.

Support Storytelling Troupes[]


See quest page for more information.

Theatrical Performance[]

Dragon Story[]

Fairytale Dragon Egg 9-19.jpg

This is a group event. Each of you will have a skill and you have to use it only when the dragon is in a certain "phase" when he is weak against that skill.

Little Red Riding Hood[]

  • Event type: click on the signs to guide Little Red Hood
  • Start: Catelyn at Varanas Gates
  • Event location: Varanas Gates
  • Event Target: help Little Red Hood to pick flowers and evade the wild wolf
  • Limitations: You can only try once per day
  • Rewards:

You have 2 minutes to guide little red riding hood, she need to pass through flowers to pick them up and then reach the finish point, if she intersects with a wolf she goes back to start point (and you need to talk to her so she'll start walking again) but she keeps any flowers she picked up.

By clicking the signs you can guide both little red riding hood and also the wolves so they avoid her (although that's a bit hard since there are 2 wolves and each time after a wolf reaches a signpost, the signpost changes direction).

If it's bugged on a channel, try on the other one, awards 1 fairy tale point card if failed or completed witout little red riding hood picking up any flowers, picking up 1 flower and completing will award 2 certificates, picking up 2 flowers and completing will award 3 certificates, no idee how many if done successfully (i have never managed that yet).

Thank You! The Runes of Magic Wiki would like to thank Zgribulici of Joint RoM Forum for how to do this and several other tasks.

To complete it, I try to isolate the wolves and make them run in a loop. Sometimes I manage to pick up all flowers and reach the end in one run, sometimes it take two or more (pick up some flowers, run back, pick up the rest of the flowers and proceed to the end).

Thank You! The Runes of Magic Wiki would like to thank Apuparentsuri of Joint RoM Forum for strategy suggestion for Little Red Riding Hood.

Thunderhoof Hills[]


The Ugly Duckling[]

Ugly Duckling quest chain: Chloe Kayla - Tomara (Thunderhoof Hills)

  1. [1][Event Daily] Fairy Tale: The Ugly Duckling - Fairy Tale Festival has begun! This year we will be hearing the story of the Ugly Duckling. First of all, help with hatching some eggs!
  2. [1][Event Daily] I'm the Ugly Duckling - Dressed up as Ugly Duckling. Then you can talk to your 'brothers and sisters'.
  3. [1][Event Daily] No Food - You left your family to go on a journey of discovery, but your tummy growls from hunger. Find the old lady and ask for food...
  4. [1][Event Daily] A Swan at Last - The ugly duckling freezes on the icy lake, can no longer move, and then faints. Luckily, a lumberjack was passing by who saves him and takes him home.

total reward: Fairy Tale Point Card Fairy Tale Point Card ×5

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