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Crafting Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Crafting Festival (June)

This year, 2024, the festival started on 5/23.

A long time ago, the world was very chaotic. Nations were engaged in an endless war, and the people didn't dare imagine what tomorrow would bring. Many families were impoverished and displaced.

After a long time the war finally came to an end, and the craftsmen who had been forced to produce weapons used their skills to help the people. All of the craftsmen were happy to be able to stop making weapons and contribute something to the people. They worked hard to make people happy.

By working from before dawn until late into the night, the tireless efforts of these craftsmen improved the lives of the people in a short six months. In order to keep the Craftsman Spirit alive, future generations of craftsmen from all over show off their own work and learn from each other every year at this time.

Every time this season comes around, the craftsmen work tirelessly to show off their crafts in order to fulfill the "Craftsman Spirit" that has passed down over the years. These craftsmen who are usually busy working are even busier during this time...

Many events are waiting for you, come and help the craftsmen and enjoy the festival and the flea market!

Festival Overview[ | ]

NEW for 2023[ | ]

As far as we have seen, there is nothing new this year.

NPCs[ | ]

Varanas Central Plaza[ | ]

Each Craft Materials Merchant will sell you a Special Crafting Material in exchange for Ic Craftsman's Appreciation. Each merchant has a limited supply, per day, of his materials so don't dawdle!

Abandoned District of Dalanis[ | ]

Sternhorn[ | ]

Magical Inventions[ | ]

There are nine magical inventions that can be obtained from any Artificers' Guild Member (in exchange for Purified Crystal Purified Crystal ×10 and Essence Crystal Essence Crystal ×10):

Craft Leveling[ | ]

If you are AFK a lot (work, sleep, basic n00b weakness, significant other needs attention) you can level from 1 to 100 by reading an Encyclopediae in your Residence. You still have to do a quest (see Crafting quest series) to raise your maximum skill every 20 levels, and at 21/41/61/81 you will need to buy the next higher volume of Encyclopedia. While these books are excellent for grinding from Apprentice to Expert, it is still advised to actually Gather or Craft above level 50.

If your crafting skill is at least 15 and less than 90, you can use the recipes and materials in this festival to quickly raise your crafting level. This is NOT cheap, but it is fast. The NPCs listed below sell recipes and materials for the indicated crafts. These recipes have no Crafting Cost, all the materials can be purchased from the NPC, and the products stack.

If you are maxed out on permitted rank increases, you cannot use these NPCs to raise your crafting rank. You will need to use a Ic Crafting Skill Expansion Ticket to unlock your permissions, talk to an Instructor for the skill you wish to raise, and perform their quest.

AlchemyAlchemy and TailoringTailoring: Fiona [Artificers' Guild] in Varanas Central Plaza or Birdie [Artificers' Guild] in Abandoned District of Dalanis
ArmorcraftingArmorcrafting, BlacksmithingBlacksmithing, and CarpentryCarpentry: Mizner [Artificers' Guild] in Varanas Central Plaza, or Alber [Artificers' Guild] in Abandoned District of Dalanis

ALL quests required for Crafting Skill advancement are listed at Crafting_(Quest_Series)#Production.

You can also see a Crafting Instructor at Heffner Camp in Coast of Opportunity who can grant advancement to Craftsman and Expert ranks.

Recipes[ | ]

While all of the recipes listed here can only be learned during the Crafting Festival, the first 2 tables of recipes can only be crafted during the festival as well. The materials they need are only sold during the festival. The third table list recipes earned during the festival but that can be used at any time.

Festival Only[ | ]

These recipes are sold by Fiona and Mizner in Varanas Central Plaza, and Alber and Birdie in Abandoned District of Dalanis. Each also sells all materials needed for the recipes they sell.

The experience gain per completion is much higher than normal recipes, making the Crafting Festival recipes a great way to move from Crafting level 15 to 70 very quickly.

All these recipes cost 500Gold , can be resold for 50Gold , have no Crafting Cost beyond the cost of materials, and the products they make are Bound and can be sold for 14Gold  (even the Epic products). Obviously, no one is going to get rich raising their Crafting skills during the Crafting Festival. On the bright side, the materials and products all stack to 100 so you need to worry less about space than during non-festival crafting.

Note: The recipes Craft Festival Cashier used to give out are now all available on Crafting Recipe Master. All items are still obtainable and craftable

Crafting Festival Recipes
Level Sold By Mizner and Alber Sold By Fiona and Birdie
ArmorcraftingArmorcrafting CarpentryCarpentry BlacksmithingBlacksmithing AlchemyAlchemy TailoringTailoring
Mats† Ic Well-Proportioned Iron Bar
Ic Liquid Concentrate
Ic Planet Stone
Ic Mysterious Ore Ingot
Ic Dazzling Jewelry
Ic Mysterious Armorcrafting Box
Ic Universal Armorcrafting Tool Set
Ic Legendary Armor Material
Ic Pile of Wood
Ic White Jade Oak
Ic Neverfrost Wood
Ic Exquisite Bamboo Charcoal
Ic Universal Carpentry Tool Set
Ic Precious Carpentry Materials
Ic Rare Carpentry Materials
Ic Legendary Carpentry Material
Ic Impure Ore
Ic Spice Ore
Ic Broil Iron Ore
Ic X Alloy
Ic Well-Proportioned Iron Bar
Ic Universal Blacksmithing Tool Set
Ic Precious Blacksmithing Materials
Ic Rare Blacksmithing Material
Ic Legendary Blacksmithing Material
Ic Metallic Liquid
Ic Catalysis Dust
Ic Alchemy Potion
Ic Scarlet Stone
Ic Extraction Device
Ic Soul Essence
Ic Highly Energized Mana Stone
Ic Resilient Plant Fiber
Ic Tailor's 32 Practice Lessons
Ic Trendy Fashion Magazine
Ic Tailor's Guild's Quarterly
Ic Ultralight Rune Fiber
Ic Mystical Synthetic Fibers
Ic Universal Sewing Kit
Ic All kinds of Famous Brand logos
15 Ic Simple Working Helmet Ic Basic Wood Crafts Box Ic Iron Doll Ic Smelted Alloy Ic DIIOR Pants Suit
25 Ic Light Leather Armor Ic Magic Wood Crafts Box Ic Delicate White Iron Kettle Ic Super Solvent Ic CUCCI Pants Suit
35 Ic Magical Chain Armor Ic Exquisite Sample Bow Ic Unknown Iron Rune Dice Ic Philosopher's Stone Ic LY Pants Suit
45 Ic Powerful Epic Shield Ic Powerful Epic Bow Ic Powerful Epic Sword Ic Mass-produced Stone of Wisdom Ic SHANEL Pants Suit
55 Ic Helmet of Penetrating Sight Ic Special Ice Coal Ic Thermos Bottle Ic Magical Energy Crystal Ic ZERA Robe
65 Ic Power Plate Armor Type T800 Ic Easy-to-Use Wand Ic Spice Cauldron Ic Modified Stone of Wisdom Ic POSS Shirt
75 Ic Ceremonial Armor Ic Exquisite Bamboo Charcoal Box Ic X Alloy Hammer Ic Inconceivable Elixir Ic H&N Shirt
85 Ic Legendary Heavy Shield Ic Legendary Carpentry Craft Piece Ic Legendary Pikelance Ic Stone Tablet of Mystic Energy Ic Benetten Robe
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† Each profession has a numbner of mats for sale that are needed only for the special festival recipes, but each recipe needs only 2-3 of them. Mats are sold by all four merchants: Mizner, Alber, Fiona, and Birdie. Some mats are used by more than one craft.

There are no Rapid Advancement recipes for CookingCooking.

All recipes cost 500Gold  and are of Common quality but the quality of the product varies. All Crafting Costs for Festival Recipes have been waved.

Rewarded Recipes[ | ]

You must be level 60 (Master) or higher in a craft to receive recipe gifts from Yizzi - Artificer and Yasha - Artificer. Ic Purified Crystal x12 will be the only required material. You will receive one and only one special recipe for each mastered profession.

Rare Level 60 Recipes from the Artificers' Guild
Skill Product Notes
AlchemyAlchemy Ic Dancing Perfume Causes all nearby players to begin Dancing (emote)
ArmorcraftingArmorcrafting Ic Miniature Movable Armor Summons a pet Miniature Movable Armor
BlacksmithingBlacksmithing Ic Assembly Kit Gear Summons a pet Punisher of the Miniature Sword
CarpentryCarpentry Ic Handmade Table with Sheena's Dishes Adds +5 to XP Bonus and TP Bonus when placed in your Residence
TailoringTailoring Ic Exquisite Handmade Clothes Open this package to receive Ic Scarlet Coat of Nobility (Male) or Ic Evening Gown (Female) (decorative clothing, appearance only)

The following recipes are found in the Ic Artificers' Guild (Material Package) and require materials rewarded from the Commission quests and sold by the Craft Materials Merchants.

This year, all recipes formerly found only in the Ic Artificers' Guild (Material Package) are now sold by Crafting Recipe Master [Artificers' Guild]. see Ic Artificers' Guild (Material Package) for the list of available recipes

Artisanal Recipes[ | ]

You must be level 98 (Legend) or higher in a craft to create these rare recipes. The three Artisanal Crystal Artisanal Crystal recipes are sold by an Artificers' Guild Member in Varanas or Dalanis, but the 4 accessory recipes are sold by the Crafting Recipe Master in Varanas Central Plaza.

Rare Level 98 Recipes from the Artificers' Guild
Skill Product Notes
ArmorcraftingArmorcrafting Ic Fearlessness of Artisanry Dodge/Phys Crit Rate
BlacksmithingBlacksmithing Ic Courage of Artisanry Phys Attack/Phys Crit Rate
CarpentryCarpentry] Ic Wisdom of Artisanry Intelligence/Mag Crit Rate
TailoringTailoring Ic Redemption of Artisanry Wisdom/Healig Points

All 4 recipes require Artisanal Crystal Artisanal Crystal ×12.

Tasks[ | ]

Silverspring[ | ]

Varanas Central Plaza[ | ]

Helping Hand of the Craftsmen[ | ]
Sloan Krug Speaks

Sloan Krug

  • Event type: craft items
  • NPC: Sloan Krug
  • Time: Every 4 hours - 2:20 am, 6:20 am , 10:20 am, 2:20 pm, 6:20 pm, 10:20 pm (she makes her statement at :31 after the hour)
    • You must watch Sloan Krug at this time to find out what is needed. There is no area-, zone-, or server-wide announcement of this. Her words do NOT appear in the chat window. Talking to her will show that she still needs more "whatever".
    • Event ends 30 minutes after the stated start time (at :50, not 30 minutes after she actually speaks). This means you only have a 19 minute window to find out what she wants, make it, and give it to her!
  • Rewards:

Find out what is needed, make one of it, and give it to her. She only needs one from you and will not take more than the one per 30 minute event session.

NOTE! She asks for different stuff on different channels, so if she asks for something you can't make, change channels! Just be sure you are in the right one for turn-in!

You need one Ic Craftsman's Appreciation to buy one material sold by the Craft Materials Merchants. To use these materials you need recipes that are rare finds in the Ic Artificers' Guild (Material Package) and the matching material rewarded from one of the sub-quests of A Mission from the Craftsmen.

Special thanks to Aravius/Syeor of Erebos for helping to set me straight on this event. Any errors are totally mine. — Bludwyng

A Mission from the Craftsmen[ | ]

The crafting material rewards from these quests are required for recipes rewarded by the Craft Festival Cashier only to crafters that are level 60 (Master) or better in at least one craft.

Perform any or all of the following sub-quests to earn materials and Ic Craft Festival Celebration Certificates:

Don't forget that Automatic Movement works in Silverspring! Just open the map, right-click on the spot you want to go to, and select Move to, then go make a sandwich, stretch your legs, or go outside and catch a few Pokemon. When you return you will be at your destination!

Nolika's Research[ | ]

Get Ic Southern Fern x20 from monsters that give you XP (blue or better), and Ic Sticky Gum x5 from Broken Branch in Silverspring

It is doubtful you will get to do this quest daily, as the drop rate on the Ic Southern Fern is abysmal no matter where you hunt or how many luck-enhancers you use.

Varanas Bridge[ | ]

Spinning Power[ | ]
  • Start: Abu Laruel [Power Administrator] in Silverspring, near Varanas Bridge (47.3, 73.8)
  • Times: 2:10 am, 6:10 am, 10:10 am, 2:10 pm. 6:10 pm, 10:10 pm
  • Event Info: After registration you will need to enter the quest area and complete the mission (you will need to control the Energy Acceleration of Nucleus with different kinds of buffs to get Nucleus to move around in the circles).
  • Rewards: ???

Gather Ic Red Energy Runes and Ic Blue Energy Runes to accelerate or decelerate the spinning of the Energy Crystal.

Element Conversion[ | ]

If you are mounted, dismount before starting the converter or all you will get is Ic Wind Element x4 and you are done for the day.

Press the correct-colored skill, green, blue, or red, and cast on the base of a converter. Best results come from using the skill just as the glow reaches maximum size. Wait too long and the machine will explode!

Thunderhoof Hills[ | ]

Sternhorn[ | ]

Making an Ornithopter[ | ]

Making an Ornithopter quest chain: (from 2020) Tillian CoppertoothBored Sapphire

  1. [1][Event Daily] Creating the Frame - Follow Tillian Coppertooth's instructions to create an Ornithopter frame by following the steps correctly.
  2. [1][Event Daily] Crafting Ornithopter Wings - Help Tillian get more fabric for Ornithopter's wings.
  3. [1][Event Daily] A Short Break - Bored Sapphire is requesting your help to play a prank on Tillian.
  4. [1][Event Daily] Essential Support - Help Bored Sapphire to gather some Ic Blue Alchemical Pearls for the project.
  5. [1][Event Daily] Satisfied with the Result - Help Sapphire and Tillian finish their Ornithopter project.
  6. A 2021 continuation of last-year's story...

Dalanis[ | ]

The Great Production Leap[ | ]
  • Event type: level up crafting skills
  • Start location: Dalanis
  • Event location: Dalanis
  • Event Target: increase crafting skills
Flea Market[ | ]
Flea Market Attendance Certificate

Who trades what changes every five minutes or so, just keep talking to Artificers until you find a trade. I changed channels to see if the trades were different, but they are not. It may be possible that all tradeable items can be traded for all untradeable items if you wait long enough for the right trade. You have 24 hours to find the correct trade.

There are 5 NPCs that will trade with you (but only if you have the Flea Market Attendance Certificate Flea Market Attendance Certificate effect active):

If you forget what you are looking for, just mouse-over the Flea Market Attendance Certificate Flea Market Attendance Certificate on your effects bar and the item he wants is listed in the last line.

Here is a table based on what you have and what you can get for it. If you wait long enough to find the RIGHT trade, you have a better chance of success. Items that are Good Quality cannot be traded, except to Nobo Yanag! All of the items involved in this quest expire 24 hours after receipt.

Items to trade Items Nobo Yanag wants
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