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If you believe that everything in Taborea revolves around battles and conflicts, you couldn't be more wrong – every player can take on a multitude of professions to equip themselves or to earn a few extra pieces of gold.

You can take on a profession simply by talking to one of the trainers of that job which can be found in every city or larger village. As soon as you’ve learned a trade, you can start to improve your skills by crafting items or collecting and processing materials respectively.


There are four ways to get Raw Materials for Crafting.

  • Buy them in the Auction House. This can get expensive very quickly but if you have lotsa gold this is one way to level up crafting. You will have to buy some things. No matter how good or lucky you are, there is just no way to loot all the Production Runes you will need.
  • Harvest them yourself with Gathering. Does have the added bonus that you get to level up your Gathering skills at the same time.
  • Grow your own from seeds with Planting. Magic seeds can grow Ore too, not just Herbs and Wood.
  • Harvest them in the Guild Castle from your guild's Field, Forge, and Lumber Yard. This is slow but you can do this overnight (limit 99 harvests per night) while you sleep (or talk to your children, or maybe even see the wife).


Crafting Skill Ranks and Limitations
Rank Limits †
Gathering Production
1-20 Apprentice 3 6
20-40 Craftsman 2 4
40-60 Expert 1 2
60-80 Master 1 1
80-100 Legend 1 1

Every profession has five ranks: Apprentice, Craftsman, Expert, Master, and Legend. You can learn as many professions as you wish of the Apprentice rank, can become a Craftsman in six trades, be Expert in three and ultimately Master and Legend in one profession. To increase your profession rank, you have to have reached the maximum skill level of your current rank and then talk to a trainer of that profession and do their quest. Later, if you decide you would rather have allocated your ranks differently, you can ask a trainer to demote you by one rank. Your level in the demoted profession will be reduced to the new maximum, and any levels lost will remain lost if you decide to raise that profession again.

These limits can be bypassed using Crafting Skill Expansion Tickets Crafting Skill Expansion Tickets purchased in the Item Shop. These tickets are not available at all times (once or twice a year) so buy 'em when you see 'em!

For a better view of the Crafting quests, their timing, NPCs, procurement, and needs, see the Crafting quest series.


Near every profession trainer you will find tools matching that profession. In order to craft an item, or to refine materials, you have to be in the vicinity of the appropriate tools. Crafting tools can be found in just about any city and village and are highlighted by a large green arrow and a symbol of that profession.

Those of you who would rather craft in private can set up a small workshop within their own house or even work in your guild house! See Crafting -> Crafting Furniture in the Item Shop. The amount of the bonus to that crafting skill is shown in (parentheses).

Crafting Stations
Skills Alchemy
Armorcrafting Blacksmithing
Cooking Tailoring
Tools Alchemy Tools Armorcrafting Tools Blacksmithing Tools Carpentry Tools Cooking Utensils Tailoring Tools
Alchemy Bottle Alchemy Bottle (+50)
Large Alchemy Furnace Large Alchemy Furnace (+60)
Leather Side Horse Leather Side Horse (+50)
Iron Armorcrafting Table Iron Armorcrafting Table (+60)
Blacksmith Anvil Blacksmith Anvil (+50)
Branded Anvil Branded Anvil (+60)
Sawing Table Sawing Table (+50)
Wood-cutting Machine Wood-cutting Machine (+60)
Small Cooking Oven Small Cooking Oven (+50)
Stone Barbecue Grill Stone Barbecue Grill (+60)
Stone Dual Oven Stove Stone Dual Oven Stove (+70)
Cloth Cutting Table Cloth Cutting Table (+50)
Spinning Machine Spinning Machine (+60)
Weaving Machine Weaving Machine (+70)
Cooling Furnace Cooling Furnace (+10) Carpenter's Toolbox Carpenter's Toolbox (+10)

The cost of the above crafting furniture ranges from 7Diamonds ($0.21)  to 49Diamonds ($1.46) . The bonuses do stack, so if you own Small Cooking Oven Small Cooking Oven, Stone Barbecue Grill Stone Barbecue Grill, and Stone Dual Oven Stove Stone Dual Oven Stove your bonus while Cooking would be +180! You could even have 3 Stone Dual Oven Stoves Stone Dual Oven Stoves for a Cooking bonus of +210. House Crafting bonus increases Crafting XP gain as well as increasing the speed of your crafting.

Crafting Recipes that will allow you to create a multitude of items can be bought from traders or can be found while hunting. If you get lucky, you might even find rare recipes that'll allow you to craft epic equipment! On top of this, all crafted equipment has a high chance to have more rune slots than normal equipment, so learning a trade is really worthwhile.

Planting and Transmutation do not use crafting stations, nor are there any Furniture items you can buy to boost your skill, but there are Plant Pots sold in the Item Shop that can help you be a better Planter.

Q: Where is the best place to craft?

A: If you have a crafting station in your home that is always the best place. However, you have other needs as well. When leveling you will need access to the Auction House (to buy some mats and sell your wares), a Mailbox, and maybe a Supplies Merchant. All can be found at Harf Trading Post in Ystra Highlands, as well as all the crafting stations, much less lag than Varanas or Obsidian Stronghold, and a House Maid. The only missing piece is Instructors/Recipe Merchants.


There are two ways to get recipes for crafting. All basic (Common) recipes can be purchased from Crafting Instructors or Recipe Merchants. Higher quality recipes (Normal to Rare) are found as mob drops but they can often be found on the Auction House as well.

Special recipes require a profession-specific chest as an ingredient. See Crafting Chests for more information. Alchemy and Cooking do not use Crafting Chests.

Refining recipes can be purchased from Gathering Instructors.

Level Range Alchemy Armorcrafting Blacksmithing Carpentry Cooking Tailoring Locations
1 to 20 Alchemy Instructors Armorcrafting Instructors Blacksmithing Instructors Carpentry Instructors Cooking Instructors Tailoring Instructors Logar, Valley of Preparation, Morfantas City, Heffner Camp
1 to 40 Novice Alchemy Instructors Novice Armorcrafting Instructors Novice Blacksmithing Instructors Novice Carpentry Instructors Novice Cooking Instructors Novice Tailoring Instructors Varanas Lower City West, Obsidian Stronghold Crafting Square
21 to 50 Expert Alchemy Instructors Expert Armorcrafting Instructors Expert Blacksmithing Instructors Expert Carpentry Instructors Expert Cooking Instructors Expert Tailoring Instructors Varanas Lower City West
61 to 80 Master Alchemy Instructors Master Armorcrafting Instructors Master Blacksmithing Instructors Master Carpentry Instructors Master Cooking Instructors Master Tailoring Instructors Dalanis Central District, Front Line Alliance Camp in Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan
81 to 100 Legend Alchemy Instructors Legend Armorcrafting Instructors Legend Blacksmithing Instructors Legend Carpentry Instructors Legend Cooking Instructors Legend Tailoring Instructors Varanas Lower City West


There are 5 types of Crafting potions. All of them have versions that are available, only rarely, from the Item Shop while others can be found or purchased in-world through various means. Please see the following pages for a full description of the effects and availability.

Additionally there are 3 potions, craftable by Alchemists, that can be of some use to Gatherers. Each one increases a specific gathering skill by 5 levels for 10 minutes. The Alchemy skill level at which it can be crafted is the same as the Adventurer Level at which it can be used.

And another set of potions that come from Planting:


Main article: Runes

To improve equipment, you can put runes with attributes into any item that has one or more rune slots. Runes can be looted from monsters or gained from disenchanting other equipment.

There are many kinds of runes, all of which carry different sets of attributes. Every type of rune also exists in various ranks (I-X) and is more of less efficient, depending on the rank. You can also use the Arcane Transmutator, which can be reached via your backpack, to combine several runes of the same kind and rank to a higher ranked version of that rune or use several different runes to create an entirely different rune!

On top of this, it will be possible to take the attributes of one item and insert them into another item – so fashion victims can make sure they get the best stats and look great too!

Upgrading Equipment with Jewels[]

Reference Guide: Refining Gems

Aside from inserting runes into your equipment, you can also upgrade them by refining them with jewels which can be bought from NPCs. If you successfully refine them, the item will receive higher attributes (e.g. +1% Defense) and behind the name of the item, a „+1“ will be shown.

The lucky ones who will reach the maximum upgrade level of +6 will be able to enjoy significantly better equipment – but be careful, the chance to successfully combine equipment with a jewel is only 30%! If it fails, all jewel upgrades may be lost or the item may even break.

For every + you add, the weapons glow will become brighter.


See Crafting quest series, Titles section


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