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A pot, for cooking!

Mmmmmm... Delicious! Did the aroma of a delicious meal lure you here? Do you want to be able to make such food? You can learn the Cooking skill from a Cooking Instructor.

Cooking (Production)

Cooking is the origin of life and fire is it's soul. To learn how to cook you need to learn how to master the fire! Cooking is a skill that can bring energy to people. So let's jump into the wonderful world of cooking!

To cook, go to the "Normal" tab of the skill interface and select "Cooking". You can find the food and desserts you can create. You also need to be near Cooking Utensils and must have the proper ingredients ready. Once you have all these things then you're ready!

You can buy white Cooking recipes from Cooking Instructors. Other recipes you will have to find.

Fire stone

Cooking recipes for level 11 and above will require the use of 1 Activate Rune.

There are no level 56 or 58 Cooking recipes.

Raw Materials[ | ]

Item Cost
Animal Meat Animal Meat 27Gold 
Apple Apple 14Gold 
Arapaima Arapaima 65Gold 
Bass Bass 39Gold 
Bird Meat Bird Meat 36Gold 
Blue Trout Blue Trout 21Gold 
Celery Celery 51Gold 
Cocoa Cocoa 68Gold 
Cream Cream 15Gold 
Delicious Worm Meat Delicious Worm Meat 45Gold 
Item Cost
Flour Flour 21Gold 
Frog Meat Frog Meat 11Gold 
Garlic Garlic 17Gold 
Golden Flour Golden Flour 38Gold 
Grape Grape 6Gold 
High Quality Flour High Quality Flour 27Gold 
Lettuce Lettuce 30Gold 
Mushroom Mushroom 33Gold 
Oriental Tea Leaves Oriental Tea Leaves 60Gold 
Pineapple Pineapple 44Gold 
Item Cost
Rare Animal Meat Rare Animal Meat 65Gold 
Salmon Salmon 20Gold 
Small Fish Small Fish 3Gold 
Spiny Lobster Spiny Lobster 33Gold 
Witchcraft Sugar Witchcraft Sugar 63Gold 

In addition to whatever Wood you need for your cooking fire and Herbs to season the dish, you will need one or two of the Raw Materials in this table which must be purchased from a Cooking Supplies Merchant. All Cooking Supplies Merchants sell exactly the same items and at the same prices.

A single right-click will automatically purchase 5 units, and all prices shown on the merchant is the single-unit cost times 5. To buy a specific number, Shift-left-click, enter the number to buy and click Confirm. Costs in the table below are for a single unit.

† Some Raw Materials can be obtained from the Field in your Guild Castle. They can also, of course, be purchased from any Cooking Supplies Merchant.

Crafting Costs[ | ]

There is no fee to use a Cooking Utensils crafting station. Instead, the Crafting Cost displayed on our wiki will be the cost of the Merchant-purchased materials (meat, fruit, fish, etc).

Recipes[ | ]

We do not make separate Recipe pages here but rather display the Recipe information integrated with the Item information. If it is created at all, the Recipe page name will be a redirect to the Item page. For example, Recipe - Herbal Fruit Recipe - Herbal Fruit is a redirect to Herbal Fruit Herbal Fruit.

For a complete list of all recipes, see Category:Cooking Recipes.

Skill Advancement[ | ]

Every 20 levels (20, 40, 60 and 80) you will need to complete a Skill Advancement Quest to prove your proficiency in your present rank and raise your skill cap to the top of the next rank.

See Cooking Skill Advancement Quests.


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