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Colorweave Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Colorweave Festival (July to August)
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In 2023, the festival began with Patch on July 6th and ended on Aug 2nd. It was followed by the Fairytale Festival.

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Legend has it that the earliest people didn't wear clothes. When bad weather came, they couldn't do anything but huddle together for warmth and wait for it to pass. The weak and feeble gritted their teeth and endured the cold without help from anyone. People would die from exposure if there was a cold snap. They were slaves to the weather.

Then one night, the gods dispatched an envoy wearing clothes that were seemingly weaved from a rainbow. Just to look upon their brilliance was to be bathed in soft, soothing moonlight. Her name was Lunella, and she came to teach people how to weave clothes and survive winter's cruelty. This event marked the very beginning of our concept of beauty. Afterwards, a few pioneers popped up and started experimenting with dressing up. They designed new styles that focused not just on warmth, but on the beautiful and vibrant too.

After the people had mastered weaving, Lunella quietly made her exit. She has not been seen since. In order to honor the memory of Lunella's graciousness, people prepare their most beautiful clothes and come together every year at this time. The festival is meant to symbolize the permanence of Lunella's teachings. They will continue to be handed down and live forever in the minds of generations to come.

  • Festival Activities conducted in Silverspring
  • Festival Manager NPCs will be located at: Varanas Central Plaza
  • 6 Festival Events (Ultimate Fashion Guru was for 2017 only)
  • Festival Currency: Breathable Silk Breathable Silk (drops from mobs throughout the world)

Festival NPCs[ | ]

All NPCs for this event are in Silverspring in or around Varanas City.

New World Boss[ | ]

Helveta is in Moorlands of Farsitan at Mularan Barrage.

Events[ | ]

Varanas City[ | ]

Doll Challenge[ | ]

Prototype Breathable Clothing[ | ]

At any time near one of the listed times, but only once per day, Yanikki Nirr will give you Prototype Breathable Clothing Prototype Breathable Clothing, Prototype Breathable Clothing Prototype Breathable Clothing, Prototype Breathable Clothing Prototype Breathable Clothing, or Prototype Breathable Clothing Prototype Breathable Clothing (the items are identical except for the icons). This item expires after 24 hours.

Select a player and USE the Prototype Breathable Clothing Prototype Breathable Clothing to add a stack of Persuasion to the player. Prototype Breathable Clothing Prototype Breathable Clothing has a 10-second cooldown and you need Persuasion of 9 to convince them to buy. When they have bought it their Effects will display Breathable Fabric (which lasts for 5 minutes).

Once you have the Number of successful persuasions effect to 4 return to Yanikki Nirr for your reward.

Classic Clothing Expo[ | ]

  • Event type: Collect Items and get a prize
  • 4 timeslots each day: 12am, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm (PDT)
  • NPC: Lilelle [Phirius Weaving Guild]
  • Location: Varanas Central Plaza (Channel 1 ONLY!!!)
  • Sign-up 10 minutes before event start
  • Requires: Breathable Silk Breathable Silk, Sign-Up
  • Event Target: collect items in the world, with this items you can sign-up for this event

You must be in Channel 1, on the stage, 1-10 minutes before the start time to get your Attend Clothing Expo certificate.

When time begins two Expo Models, one male and one female, will be on the side wings of the stage, showing a complete set. To bid, talk to Lilelle and tel her how much you want to raise the current bid by. You have no way to know which bidder you are, but only the top 3 bids in each round will be accepted. If you win, you will receive a Clothing Swap Qualification. Go talk to Tirion to get your Expo Clothing set package as listed below. When you open this you will get a random piece from the set you bid on. There are multiple rounds.

Expo Clothing Sets:

Magic Weaving Machine[ | ]

Jamie Rayer gives you a Weaving Machine Key Weaving Machine Key. Now you can click on the Magic Weaving Machine.

You need to use the correct temporary skill to deliver the correct tool to the machine while it is running. Do this by clicking on the correct object to match the requested item/color. Which color is assigned to which object changes each time you play the game.

Colorweave - Magic Weaving Machine

Yellow scissors, red shuttle, blue thread. ymmv.


  • luminous yellow
  • luminous green
  • luminous blue
  • luminous red


  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Shuttles

There are 3 ways to know what tool is needed:

  • A message error - The correct item is the color of the matrix.
  • A matrix error - The correct item is indicated by the content of the message.
  • A message and matrix error - The required item is NOT the color of the matrix nor the content of the message.

When done, talk to Jamie Rayer for your reward.

Ultimate Fashion Guru[ | ]

When your team is assembled (you cannot solo it) tell Host Heidi Cohen "The contestants and I are ready!"

  • The contest has 5 rounds, one for each type of gear: Helmets, Upper Body Armor, Leg Guards, Shoes, and Accessories.
  • Each round you will need to choose one of 4 styles: Secretive Silver, Raging Red, Grassy Green, or Proud Purple.
  • After round 5, choose a combination style.
  • The "jurors" will rate the creations and choose a winner.

Each of the four jurors likes one style (adds to your score) and dislikes another (could detract if you have 3 or more pieces of the style he hates).

There must be an optimum path to max your score. Maybe we will figure it out later.

Magic Tailor[ | ]

  • Event type: use skills on correct status
  • time-slots each day: from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm, 20th minute of each hour
  • Sign-up 10 minutes before event start
  • NPC: Ayna Rett
  • Location: Silverspring near the Resurrection Circle not far from Varanas Gates
  • Event target: collect points to obtain items

Charity Auction[ | ]

Colorweave - Charity Auction Skills

Your Auction Skills

  • Event type: use skills to win charity auction
  • timeslots each day: from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm, :40 minute of each hour
  • Sign-up 10 minutes before event start
  • The auction starts at :50 and lasts 5 minutes
  • Requires: Breathable Silk Breathable Silk ×1 (registration fee)
  • NPC: Saska Feron (Channel 1 ONLY!)
  • Location: Varanas Gates
  • Event target: place bids to win
  • Reward: If you win an auction, you get the item you bid on, plus Functional Weaving Material Package Functional Weaving Material Package ×5

Pay one Breathable Silk Breathable Silk to register, then each time you Bid will cost you another Breathable Silk Breathable Silk.

There will be a Body Guard trying to protect you from other bidders (and them from you).

You get 3 skills to bid and handle your opponents:

  • Alt-1: Bid - Commit 1 Breathable Silk Breathable Silk to increase your bid. Do this as fast and often as you can!
  • Alt-2: Body Guard - Summon a Body Guard to defend you from others!
  • Alt-3: Lasso - Capture an opponent (preventing them from using skills)

At the end of the auction, the high bid wins. Ties are resolved in the favor of the one that bid first.

There are four Tier 5 Level 82 rings available for auction:

  • Yellow Jade Socket - Stamina/Dodge
  • Sapphire Socket - Stamina/Healing Power
  • Greenstone Socket - Stamina/Physical Attack
  • Amethyst Socket - Stamina/Magical Attack

Each may also receive additional random rune attributes.

Sternhorn[ | ]

  • Quests 1 through 5 premiered in 2020.
  • Quests 6 through 9 were new for 2021.

The Beauty and the Beast[ | ]

Granny Norma's Cat[ | ]

Quest Chain: The Beauty and the Beast:
Leonard SatonBetty BlancheGranny Norma

  1. [1][Event Daily] The Beauty and the Beast - Help Leonard Saton gather materials for his costume, so he can attend a costume ball.
  2. [1][Event Daily] Costume Ball - Go with Leonard to the costume ball and make some new friends!
  3. [1][Event Daily] Unusual Delivery - Ride tamed Triceratops and deliver the package package to Betty Blanche.
  4. [1][Event Daily] Will they marry? - Speak to Betty and ask her some questions about her personal preferences.
  5. [1][Event Daily] Goodbye, My Love - Finally Leonard and Betty agreed to meet - help them, by creating a romantic atmosphere.
  6. [1][Event Daily] Granny Norma - Help Betty Blanche with her new task
  7. [1][Event Daily] A new dress - Norma expressed her willingness to help Betty, but they need your help too, get the right item from the merchant!
  8. [1][Event Daily] Find Sam - Help Granny Norma to find here beloved cat!
  9. [1][Event Daily] A happy ending - Show Norma's work to Betty

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