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Cenedril UI

Cenedril UI

The new Cenedril interface is available in the character overview. Here, players can summon, level up and equip the Cenedrils. Depending on the combination of equipped Cenedrils, players are able to unlock different skills.

Completion of the access quest The Mirrorworld Beckons rewards enough Hearts to summon one of the following Cenedrils: Cenedril Liphisto (Ic Liphisto's Heart x50), Cenedril Bendor (Ic Bendor's Heart x50), or Cenedril Mersi (Ic Mersi's Heart x50). Be sure to examine the stats boosted by each Cenedril in the table, below, before making your choice!

To summon a Cenedril the first time you need 50 of that Cenedril's Hearts. Press C to open the Character Sheet UI, click the bottom tab on the right to select the Cenedril pane, click the Open Backpack icon to open the Cenedril Backpack, choose the Cenedril you wish to summon, then click the Summoning button towards the bottom.

To equip a Cenedril, choose the I or II slot, choose the Cenedril in the Cenedril Backpack, and click the Equip Cenedril button.

Note: Although you must be level 90 or higher to run Mirror Instances, you can Summon, Rank Up, Level Up, or Equip a Cenedril at any level. If you switch your primary class at a level lower than 90 you still get all benefits of having a Cenedril, including a Synergy skill.

A Cenedril has a Rank and Level within that Rank. Rank is 1 to 10 (stars). Each Rank raises the min and max level, so when you raise to Rank 2, even if you were only Rank 1 Level 1, it raises the Cenedril to Rank 2 Level 10.

To raise a Cenedril's level requires 1 of each of 4 items of the correct rarity and attribute. To raise his rank needs a number of Hearts. These parts can be fused to raise their rarity, similar to the way Elements are fused to upgrade Zodiac Pets. To make a higher rarity of part, fuse 5 of the previous rarity in the Arcane Transmutor. Any parts of the first three rarities can drop in any of the Mirror Instances. Normals of the attribute of the Mirror Instance you are in will be most common.

Cenedril Parts are named in a common scheme. The first word indicates the rarity, the second the attribute that the part comes from and belongs to, and the rest is one of four part names.

The synergy of equipping 2 Cenedrils (the most you can equip at once) grants a skill.

The RoM Wiki recommends installation of the following Add-On via the Twitch Client:

Summoning and Upgrading[ | ]

Summoning (or Ranking Up) and Leveling Up Requirements
Rank Hearts Parts Prefix and Rarity † Max
1 50 Normal 10
2 110 Normal and Good 20
3 200 Good 30
4 320 Good and Rare 40
5 470 Rare 50
6 650 Rare and Epic 60
7 860 Epic 70
8 1100 Epic and Legendary 80
9 1300 Legendary 90
10 1670 Legendary and Mythical 100
† After Level 10, leveling up within even-numbered Ranks will need a mixture of two rarities of pieces but exactly which will change each level. For instance, to level up from Level 10 to Level 11 needs 1 each of Good Mirror Fragment Energy, Good Cenedril Image Piece, Normal Mirror Ink, and Normal Image Restoration Scroll. Leveling up to Level 12 will need one each of Good Mirror Fragment Energy, Normal Cenedril Image Piece, Good Mirror Ink, and Normal Image Restoration Scroll.

The Cenedrils[ | ]

Cenedrils by Attribute and Bonuses
Icon Name Attribute Bonuses
First Triad
Cenedril Liphisto Dynamic Dexterity
Cenedril Bendor Steadfast Strength
Cenedril Mersi Mystical Wisdom
Magical Attack
Second Triad
Cenedril Mayi Dynamic Physical Attack
Cenedril Salo Steadfast Stamina
Cenedril Wolin Mystical Intelligence
Magical Accuracy
Cenedrils by Attribute and Bonuses
Icon Name Attribute Bonuses
Third Triad
Cenedril Alis Dynamic Dexterity
Cenedril Forensa Steadfast Strength
Cenedril Shados Mystical Wisdom
Fourth Triad
Cenedril Shreck Dynamic Phys Crit Hit Rate
Cenedril Moony Steadfast Magical Defense
Parry Rate
Cenedril Vestin Mystical Magical Attack
Mag Crit Hit Rate
Cenedrils by Attribute and Bonuses
Icon Name Attribute Bonuses
Fifth Triad
Cenedril Tatuin Dynamic Physical Attack
Cenedril Ardes Steadfast Stamina
Cenedril Garsit Mystical Intelligence
Sixth Triad
Cenedril Dynamic
Cenedril Steadfast
Cenedril Mystical

See the individual Cenedril page for a table of the Bonuses, with values, by Rank (1 to 10) and Level (0 to 100).

Upgrade Parts[ | ]

Icon - Upgrade Parts

Normal, Good, and Rare parts are found in all Mirror Instances, or can be made in the Arcane Transmutor by fusing 5 of the next lower grade. Epic, Legendary, and Mythical parts must be made in the Arcane Transmutor.

Parts for Leveling Up
Icon Part Normal
Value 0Gold  4Gold  14Gold  35Gold  57Gold  94Gold 
Dynamic Mirror Fragment Energy  Mirror Fragment Energy Normal Dynamic Mirror Fragment Energy Good Dynamic Mirror Fragment Energy Rare Dynamic Mirror Fragment Energy Epic Dynamic Mirror Fragment Energy Legendary Dynamic Mirror Fragment Energy Mythical Dynamic Mirror Fragment Energy
Dynamic Cenedril Image Piece  Cenedril Image Piece Normal Dynamic Cenedril Image Piece Good Dynamic Cenedril Image Piece Rare Dynamic Cenedril Image Piece Epic Dynamic Cenedril Image Piece Legendary Dynamic Cenedril Image Piece Mythical Dynamic Cenedril Image Piece
Dynamic Mirror Ink  Mirror Ink Normal Dynamic Mirror Ink Good Dynamic Mirror Ink Rare Dynamic Mirror Ink Epic Dynamic Mirror Ink Legendary Dynamic Mirror Ink Mythical Dynamic Mirror Ink
Dynamic Image Restoration Scroll  Image Restoration Scroll Normal Dynamic Image Restoration Scroll Good Dynamic Image Restoration Scroll Rare Dynamic Image Restoration Scroll Epic Dynamic Image Restoration Scroll Legendary Dynamic Image Restoration Scroll Mythical Dynamic Image Restoration Scroll
Steadfast Mirror Fragment Energy  Mirror Fragment Energy Normal Steadfast Mirror Fragment Energy Good Steadfast Mirror Fragment Energy Rare Steadfast Mirror Fragment Energy Epic Steadfast Mirror Fragment Energy Legendary Steadfast Mirror Fragment Energy Mythical Steadfast Mirror Fragment Energy
Steadfast Cenedril Image Piece  Cenedril Image Piece Normal Steadfast Cenedril Image Piece Good Steadfast Cenedril Image Piece Rare Steadfast Cenedril Image Piece Epic Steadfast Cenedril Image Piece Legendary Steadfast Cenedril Image Piece Mythical Steadfast Cenedril Image Piece
Steadfast Mirror Ink  Mirror Ink Normal Steadfast Mirror Ink Good Steadfast Mirror Ink Rare Steadfast Mirror Ink Epic Steadfast Mirror Ink Legendary Steadfast Mirror Ink Mythical Steadfast Mirror Ink
Steadfast Image Restoration Scroll  Image Restoration Scroll Normal Steadfast Image Restoration Scroll Good Steadfast Image Restoration Scroll Rare Steadfast Image Restoration Scroll Epic Steadfast Image Restoration Scroll Legendary Steadfast Image Restoration Scroll Mythical Steadfast Image Restoration Scroll
Mystical Mirror Fragment Energy  Mirror Fragment Energy Normal Mystical Mirror Fragment Energy Good Mystical Mirror Fragment Energy Rare Mystical Mirror Fragment Energy Epic Mystical Mirror Fragment Energy Legendary Mystical Mirror Fragment Energy Mythical Mystical Mirror Fragment Energy
Mystical Cenedril Image Piece  Cenedril Image Piece Normal Mystical Cenedril Image Piece Good Mystical Cenedril Image Piece Rare Mystical Cenedril Image Piece Epic Mystical Cenedril Image Piece Legendary Mystical Cenedril Image Piece Mythical Mystical Cenedril Image Piece
Mystical Mirror Ink  Mirror Ink Normal Mystical Mirror Ink Good Mystical Mirror Ink Rare Mystical Mirror Ink Epic Mystical Mirror Ink Legendary Mystical Mirror Ink Mythical Mystical Mirror Ink
Mystical Image Restoration Scroll  Image Restoration Scroll Normal Mystical Image Restoration Scroll Good Mystical Image Restoration Scroll Rare Mystical Image Restoration Scroll Epic Mystical Image Restoration Scroll Legendary Mystical Image Restoration Scroll Mythical Mystical Image Restoration Scroll

Synergy Skills[ | ]

Any two Cenedrils from the same Triad will give their master a special skill. Both Cenedril must be from the same Triad. Each skill increases a specific stat for 10 seconds (unless noted), and has a 10 minute cooldown. The level of the skill and amount of the increase is based on the average of the levels of the two Cenedril.

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