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Black Codex
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This group is found in Dragonfang Ridge and every zone from Weeping Coast and higher.

They will trade you high-end Rare weapons, armor and accessories for gold and Ancient Mementoes Ancient Mementoes, which are dropped by Bosses in every dungeon starting with Heart of the Ocean and higher.

While not all Black Codex members are merchants, most are and are also listed in Category:Black Codex (Merchant Type).

My organization, the Black Codex, has been operating for some time now. As adventurers find ever more Ancient Mementos, so does our understanding of forgotten knowledge from ages past grow.

But this is far from enough. We are on the precipice of understanding the big picture, but some pieces are still missing. If we want to understand everything about the ancients, we will require even more adventurers to provide us with sources to research.

It is in our power to impart unto you the transport spell known only to members of the Black Codex. --from the quest text for [1] Teachings of the Black Codex given by the Black Codex Instructor in Obsidian Stronghold

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