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Carpentry (Production)

{{ROMProfessions| Carpentry requires a lot of patience and concentration! You can find the "Carpentry" skill in the "Normal" tab on the "Skill" interface. In the Carpentry production interface list on the left side of the interface. Then, in the lower right part of the interface, select the quantity to be produced. If you have enough materials in your backpack, press "Craft" to begin work! However, you need to be near Carpentry Tools to do this.


Just add wood!

Recipes[ | ]

Earth stone

Carpentry recipes for level 11 and above will require the use of 1 Link Rune Link Rune.

See Category:Carpentry Recipes

From levels 51 to 96, there are Crafted Armor sets matching each of the Merchant-sold Common armor sets. See ArmorcraftingArmorcrafting, BlacksmithingBlacksmithing and CarpentryCarpentry for all the recipes for these sets.

Crafted Item Sets
Set Name Level
Whirlwind 51-54
Forest Crafted 56
Dwarven 66
Provision 71
Velvet 78-81
Jungle Crafted 86-88
Splitwater Crafted 93
Farsitan Crafted 96
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