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Maximum Stack Size: 30
Reward From:

This item is created by AlchemyAlchemy (1).

Alchemy (Production)
Item potion 010 001.png
Basic Medicine
Requires Level 1
Cannot be sold
Heals 220.0 HP.

Recipe - Basic Medicine Recipe - Basic Medicine
Requires AlchemyAlchemy level 1
Raw Materials:
Zinc Sand Zinc Sand ×1
Mountain Demon Grass Bundle Mountain Demon Grass Bundle ×2
Small Empty Bottle Small Empty Bottle ×1
Basic Medicine Basic Medicine ×3
Crafting Cost: 2Gold 

At AlchemyAlchemy skill level 1, you will earn 33.33% XP towards your next skill level per successful attempt to make this product.

As with all AlchemyAlchemy Recipes, the Crafting Cost represents the cost of the glassware plus any cost to use the Crafting Station (as displayed on the Crafting UI).

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