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Ayren Caravan
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Zone Sascilia Steppes
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Resources Willow Wood [RP], Tin Ore [RP], Flame Dust [RP], Beetroot [RP]
Quest Series Sascilia Steppes

The Ayren-Caravan has the best and strongest warriors amongst all the white-fur caravans. That is because unlike the other caravans, they have a specific task. They have to ensure that Hafiz "Black Horn" doesn't overrun Sascilia and enslaves the white-furs to satisfy his wild ambitions. Ayren, the caravan leader and hero of the white-fur clan, once was a good friend of Hazif “Black Horn”. While he was fighting against the cyclopses together with Hafiz, he obtained the title of “Ironhoof”. Later, during the revolt of Hafiz, he was decidedly sticking by Yarfas “Silvermane”, the chief of the white-furs. As leader of the other party, Hafiz got the title of "Black Horn". But Ayren was always entertaining some doubt about Hafiz’ change of heart. Why should Hafiz revolt? The Hafiz he once knew would never betray his people. Amongst the followers of Ayren „Ironhoof“ were two human mercenaries, Landon and Fandon, who were only called "hero twins” by the animal-people. Besides Ayren Ironhoof, they are the strongest warriors of the caravan. Initially the two humans were introduced as mercenaries to Ayren by the Order of Dark Glory. They helped Ayren in his fight against the cyclopses. After the decisive fight between Harfiz and Ayren, they decided to follow Ayren and fight against Hafiz machinations. How they acquired the name of "hero twins" is a different story that still has to be told.

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