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Map of Aslan Valley

Rise of the Demon Lord

This page refers to content introduced at launch, with Chapter I: Rise of the Demon Lord.

Map zone4.png
Zone Information
Zone ID#4
Continent Candara
Type Public Outdoor
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Level Range 20 to 35
Connecting Zones Silverspring, Ystra Highlands
CavesDerelict Mine, Rumpus Mine
World Bosses
ResourcesStone Rotan Wood [RP], Cyanide [RP], Bison Grass [RP], Maple Wood [RP], Iron Ore [RP], Bitterleaf [RP], Oak Wood [RP], Copper Ore [RP], Moxa [RP], Stone Rotan Wood [RP], Cyanide [RP], Bison Grass [RP], Pine Wood [RP], Dark Crystal [RP], Dusk Orchid [RP], Dragon Beard Root Wood [RP], Mysticite [RP], Green Thistle [RP]
QuestsSeriesDailies Mobs Loot ObjectsPOIs

Aslan Valley is a glen filled with an atmosphere of primitive times. There are plenty of resources available like water and wood, but the humans settling on this continent disregard their value. For this reason alone the area still retains its original appearance and was not destroyed by human greed.

According to tribes, who value the forces of nature, it is a place of ancient and immense power. Every civilization, who dares not to submit itself to nature’s will, risks total annihilation.— from


There are 3 Mailboxes in this zone. Two of them are in Silverfall, one by the mayor, Tarkun, and one by the Auction House Clerk. The third is by Linda, the House Maid, outside Tavern "The Distillery".


Resource Nodes in this zone range from level 11 in the North to level 31 in the South.

11 Rare (Stone Rotan Wood, Cyanide, Bison Grass)
14 Maple Wood, Iron Ore, Bitterleaf
20 Oak Wood, Copper Ore, Moxa
21 Rare (Stone Rotan Wood, Cyanide, Bison Grass)
26 Pine Wood, Dark Crystal, Dusk Orchid
31 Rare (Dragon Beard Root Wood, Mysticite, Green Thistle)


Ottade [General Merchant] in Qilana Camp and Miles [General Merchant] at Silverfall sell levels 16 and 21 Health and Mana Potions, but only Goeny [Supplier] and Cynthia [Tavern Owner] at "The Distillery" sell level 26.

Aslan North[]

Woodland of Qilana[]

The Woodland of Qilana connects the Aslan Valley to the Plain of Silverspring and consists of a wide-stretched lake and a picturesque strip of forest where many animals find shelter.

The name “Qilana” originally refers to a drinking vessel used in shaman’s blessings and was adopted by the barbarians living here.

Qilana Camp[]

The Woodland of Qilana connects the Aslan Valley to the Plain of Silverspring and consists of a wide-stretched lake and a picturesque strip of forest where many animals find shelter. The name “Qilana” originally refers to a drinking vessel used in shaman’s blessings and was adopted by the barbarians living here.

Derelict Mine[]

The Derelict Mine was the first place the non-native humans of the Aslan Valley wanted to develop. First and foremost they hoped to find new deposits of ore, but they soon discovered that there simply were none – not even a trace of ore was found. Before long the Mine was abandoned. Because the Aslan Valley was not considered a worthy place for a settlement, those who wanted to search for ore returned, and the whole area up to the Bloodhound Mountain was thoroughly searched.

Now the whole mine is overrun with weeds, inside and out. All mining tools, that were left behind are now completely rusted. The mine attracted lots of rare plants that like the humid and dark environment. Now it has become the home for hill dwarves and spotted mushroom beings.

Bloodhound Mountain[]

Since the wildfire of some years ago an emerald green forest has sprung up along the Bloodhound Mountain, which is different from the rest of the Aslan Valley. Here the trees grow relatively low and there are a lot of bushes. In many places even the hard and dry soil can bee seen.

Even though the Bloodhound Mountain is goblin territory, according to barbarian legends it is a holy hill. They believe that a mighty spirit by the name of “Guard dog of the holy halls” watches over a sacred passageway. Settlers that arrived in later ages perverted the “Guard dog of the holy halls” into the “holy bloodhound”. For that simple reason newcomers think that a terrifying monster in dog guise haunts the hill and they call it Bloodhound Mountain accordingly.

Hunter's Encampment[]

To have a resting place on the hunt, a field encampment was established which only consists of a campfire and some tents. Like the name suggests it is mostly used by hunters.

The Goblin Village[]

Originally this place was a human mining compound, but they were later frightened away by goblins. The little creatures intended to transform it into one of their centers. It was there, where under the guidance of King Kyrm Hammertooth, they established the Hammertooth Empire. Even though the compound is called “Royal Stronghold”, the goblins residing there can’t agree with the term. The village is a small cluster of huts protected only by a simple, wooden palisade. Now a peculiar large machine stands in the middle of the village relentlessly making noise day and night. Nobody knows exactly what it is, or what the goblins intend to do with it.

Rumpus Mine[]

The Rumpus Mine has a remarkable history of development. The goblin cave which was situated on this patch of land now known as the Goblin Village, was overrun by agile adventurers. They enslaved the goblins and found a rich deposit of ore, which they sought to exploit. For several reasons the human’s leaders decided to stop further development.

After that one of the goblin slaves by the name of Kyrm Hammertooth united his people and incited a revolt. They drove away the humans from the compound and founded a village. Later on he used the digging and forging skills he had learned from his former masters to produce weapons and tools. The mine was to become the center of a new goblin empire, called the Hammertooth Empire. But it is just a harmonious name. The goblins quarrel with each other on a daily basis and everybody behaves according to his own will. Not even half of the goblins of the Bloodhound Mountain and of the Rumpus Mine know that they have something akin to a realm of their own. Of those who do know it, few have ever heard of a King named Kyrm Hammertooth.

That is why brave adventurers can venture into the The Rumpus Mine without hesitation, generally speaking, either to mine for themselves or to steal the ore from the goblins. Disunited as they are, they have no chance to resist. Those adventurers ridicule the goblins as tumultuous monstrosities and jokingly refer to the Mine as The Rumpus Mine. But even in the face of human aggression and the impotence of his clan, the courage of Kyrm Hammertooth does not wane. On a secret journey he changed, but even though he told no one about it, other goblins have started to feel different lately as well. They are becoming more vigorous in battle and more dangerous. Silverfall’s shamans think that mysterious powers in The Rumpus Mine are at work. In the future humankind will have to admit, that the noisy goblins from the darkness are formidable foes that should be feared.

Jade Valley[]

Thousands of years ago a meteorite fell down from the sky changing the soil in this area. The plants can reach tremendous proportions and are the reason behind the Jade Valley’s name. Because humans still have no idea of space, they worship this holy place and conceive the plants as a manifestation of divine and inexhaustible vital energy. The Jade Valley is the crater of a meteorite which formed a basin in the middle of the mountains. From the air you can sense the dense green which surrounds this place with interwoven briarwood in its center, which is called the Deep Corridor.

The Deep Corridor[]

In the middle of the Jade valley grows an old Banyan tree right on the spot where the meteorite impacted. It was exposed to the full extent of the cosmic power, and became unbelievably majestic, with giant aerial roots clawing into the ground. Most people don’t even realize that the forest in front of them is one single tree, which is mistakenly referred to as a forest and also called The Deep Corridor.

Basically The Deep Corridor is a green tunnel, where a leaf ceiling covers the whole sky. Only some rays of light make it through to illuminate the foliage-covered ground. All this green can be quite surreal, especially when the foliage whispers, it fills the whole area is with a mysterious atmosphere.

The Origin[]

The more you advance into The Deep Corridor, the bigger everything becomes. For that reason it is said to be a holy tree, which has existed since the world’s beginning. Even more mysterious though is the cavern beneath it. It looks as if the tree’s roots keep an underground space clear. In the great cave some things can be found, which are apparently not of natural origin. Inferring from the roots growth the cave must have been there even before the Holy Tree, which is why it is called “The Origin”. Actually the cave was created by ancient mythical beings and in it the “Holy Truth” was stored.

Later on all the knowledge was lost with the disappearance of the mythical beings. What kind of relation does that knowledge have with the oracle? Is it the oracle itself? Nobody knows for sure.

Aslan South[]


The village gets its name from the shimmering silver-white waterfall in its proximity. Silverfall was once a barbarian settlement, but with the expansion of the main road it evolved into a magnificent village. The barbarians who lived there were integrated into society, however some traces of their cultural heritage have stood the test of time and even real shamans still exist.

Now Silverfall is a simple hunter’s village, where tools for that craft can be found everywhere. Its main source of income is the hunt and the sale of necessities to passing adventurers. Every so often some visitors also come through here.

If you are below your mid to upper 20's you should resume hunting in Aslan North.

If you are at least level 50, you may enter the Goblin Games here.

Daily Quests[]

Five of the nine daily quests in this zone both start at the Silverfall Bulletin Board and end with NPCs in Silverfall, but three of them end with Simone at Qilana Camp and one finishes with Barret at New Moon Camp. This makes those four still worthwhile but not as easy to quickly repeat or turn-in in blocks.

The following Daily Quests all start and end in Silverfall, making them easy to repeat quickly. All of these items can be stockpiled for later use and do not require the quest in order to drop.

Quest Name Quest Item and Source Ending NPC XP
20 [22][Daily] Ent's Dead Branches Ent's Dead Branch Ent's Dead Branch ×10 from Ents in New Moon Forest Carl 2,256
20 [22][Daily] Enduring Armor Anteater Scale Anteater Scale ×10 from Anteaters in Aslan North Locken 2,256
20 [22][Daily] Another Type of Meat! Frog Leg Frog Leg ×10 from Aslan Hairy Frogs around Lake Qilana Mrs. Henckey 2,256
21 [23][Daily] Report after report Sifted Ore Sifted Ore ×5 from Sifted Ore boxes in Rumpus Mine Tarkun 2,641
26 [28][Daily] Animal Control Bear Claw Bear Claw ×5 from Bears in New Moon Forest Tarkun 4,890


The following minigames are started in Silverfall:

Lake of Eternal Silence[]

The Lake of Eternal Silence is much-vaunted as one of the three most beautiful landscapes in all of Aslan Valley. It is completely surrounded by deep forests and no motion hampers its plane flawless surface once the water has flown into it. Like a vast mirror it dominates the scenery and due to the composition of its bottom no waves can be seen.

The reason behind the Silverfall village being built on the shores of the Lake of Eternal Silence has something to do with the water of its spring. Silverfall was once a barbarian settlement and the spring water was called “soul spring” in their language. The shamans believe that it is a medium for the mountain spirit’s powers, and indeed The Lake of Eternal Silence is a mysterious place.

New Moon Forest[]

This is a region of the Aslan Valley, where it is getting colder and beasts and monsters are becoming more numerous. You have to pass through this forest on your way to the Highland of Ystra; it is an important hunting ground which is often crossed by adventurers. While many people waited for the completion of the tavern “The Distillery”, it swiftly evolved into an important meeting point for this area.

New Moon Camp[]

In the New Moon Forest there is a camp ground situated in-between Silverfall, Tavern "The Distillery" and the Necropolis of Mirrors. For all travelers heading towards Tavern "The Distillery" and all adventurers on their way to the Necropolis of Mirrors, the New Moon Camp is an important venue for rest and supplies (no merchants reside here).

Tavern "The Distillery"[]

Some people think that there are three things to visit in the Aslan Valley – The wood sea in the Jade Valley, the Lake of Eternal Silence’s Silverfall and "The Distillery" in the New Moon Forest. But what kind of place is "The Distillery"?

Take a building created by human hands and mix it with unfathomable nature and a pinch of adventurous spirit. In the tavern "The Distillery" you can experience all of the following: wild binge drinking, mugs full of alcohol, opulent meals, fair bards, noisy guests, heated chambers, all kinds of wild rumors and wavering drunkards. In one corner they start to fight, while they argue so loudly in the next corner about an alleged theft, that you can not have a normal discussion.

The black market trader at the corner table sells “lost” goods, while beefy adventurers still tend to their weapons. "The Distillery" has a sense of danger inside and out. People have a feeling of anticipation and excitement. Is that not the meaning of “adventure”?

Necropolis of Mirrors[]

The Necropolis of Mirrors is very old, but was discovered only recently. Seemingly a curse haunts the place though. Everybody who comes too close will be struck with disaster. At the moment, the Eye of Wisdom is not sure if investigating it is the right thing to do. Some of its members think that it might be a site where ancient magic was sealed and careless rummage would cause great harm.

On the Necropolis of Mirrors’ stone walls, crystals glisten and reflect every picture like mirrors. But since there is no life to be found anywhere nearby, it became known as the Necropolis of Mirrors. The caves in its center are most likely of natural origin, but there is an artificial atmosphere and rumors swirl around that many a visitor went insane and died down there.

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