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Armorcrafting (Production)

Trade Overview[]

Everybody needs some protection!
Armorcrafting is a wide field to master, but if you practice diligently, you may one day enter the circle of the great masters.

To craft armor, you first need to be near Armorcrafting Tools (See Below). Just look for the green arrow with the hammer icon floating above it. Go to "Crafting" in the system menu and select "Armorcrafting". Then select the item you want to create and the quantity.


Leather goes in one end, Armor comes out the other!


Recipes[ | ]

see Category:Armorcrafting Recipes

From levels 51 to 96, there are Crafted Armor sets matching each of the Merchant-sold Common armor sets. See ArmorcraftingArmorcrafting, BlacksmithingBlacksmithing and CarpentryCarpentry for all the recipes for these sets.

Crafted Item Sets
Set Name Level
Whirlwind 51-54
Forest Crafted 56
Dwarven 66
Provision 71
Velvet 78-81
Jungle Crafted 86-88
Splitwater Crafted 93
Farsitan Crafted 96
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