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Clothes and Armor

There are many different types of clothes and equipment to cover adventurers from head to toe. In the cloakroom there are lined jackets, light stuffed shoes, leather armor, hoods, silk robes, armor gloves, feathered hunting hats, belts and many more goods. Real heroes can also equip themselves with countless different types of armor from the four categories; cloth, leather, chain ring and metal ring. Everybody should find something that fits them. But when it comes to the choice of armor it’s not all about fashion. While heavy plate armor offers good protection against physical attacks it’s easier to avoid magical attacks with lighter robes.

Again and again there are armor sets which are not only optically harmonized but also award more bonuses the more parts of that armor set you are wearing.

In Runes of Magic players can customize and change the coloring according to their own wishes. Therefore every character has the possibility to impress the population of Taborea through their clothing and equipment.

Defense Relation Table

The next table shows the percentage of extra defense (being "Base Defense", the smallest defense; and also say that the smallest quantities is the same for magic defense and physical defense):

Armor: \ Defense: Physical Defense Magical Defense
Cloth BASE +75.0%
Leather +25.0% +50.0%
Chain +50.0% +25.0%
Plate +75.0% BASE

Increased Defense Type to Type:

Physical Defense Values Magical Defense Values NEXT Armor 2xNEXT Armor 3xNEXT Armor
Cloth Plate +25.0% +50.0% +75.0%
Leather Chain +20.0% +40.0% No Better
Chain Leather +16.67% No Better No Better
Plate Cloth No Better No Better No Better

Example: Warden / Warrior gets, at level 40, the Elite Skill: Resilience of Life. This allows equip "Plate Armour". Using Plate Armour, he gets +16.67% extra Physical Defense compared with others Wardens.

Armor Types