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Antidote Skill dru4-1.png
Druid Druid Class-Specific
Uses 150MPRange: 200
Casting Time: InstantCooldown: 10s
Cleanses your target from poison.
ClassDruid Druid
(see Druid Skills (Class-Specific))
Other Information
Applied EffectCures
Database ID#493535
Cure Skills vs. Debuffs
Priest Priest Druid Druid Mage Mage
Cleanse Cleanse: Antidote Antidote:


Soul Soothe

Mage Mage has no General Curative skills.
Primary Combos
PriestMage Priest / Mage DruidScout Druid / Scout MageKnight Mage / Knight
Remove Curse Remove Curse Group Exorcism: Saint's Resilience
PriestKnight Priest / Knight MagePriest Mage / Priest
Calm Heart Calm Heart Remove Curse Remove Curse
PriestWarlock Priest / Warlock
Soul Cleansing Ceremony Soul Cleansing Ceremony
Secondary Combos
ChampionPriest Champion / Priest ScoutDruid Scout / Druid ScoutMage Scout / Mage
Righteous Explosion

Holy Attack Holy Attack

  • Additional: Randomly removes for 1 party member 1 of:
Curse Breaker Curse Breaker:

Unbinding Magic:

Purifying Arrow:
KnightPriest Knight / Priest WardenDruid Warden / Druid
Free Will Purify Purify

Grand Dispel

MagePriest Mage / Priest WarriorDruid Warrior / Druid
Remove Curse Remove Curse Remove Magic
ScoutPriest Scout / Priest
Purifying Shot
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Warlock Warlock is the only magic-using class that has no Curative skills (because, seriously, making things better is not really his jam).
The above table displays the Cure skills available and what 'Effects' they can remove.
This table is a work-in-progress and should NOT be considered exhaustive.