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File:Map - Andor Training Range.jpg

Map of Andor Training Range

Zone Information
Continent Candara
Type Minigame
Level Range unknown
Connecting Zones
Quests Mobs Loot Objects

Speak to Kate Wesker to be sent to the Andor Training Range. You can also speak to her regarding rewards (see below).

When you arrive, speak to Magelly Basac to view the rules, choose your challenge, or return to Varanas when done. Participation in either trial costs 30Phirius Token Coins  and can only be done once per day.

The setup and rules are basically the same for both trials. Differences are noted below.


You get a single attack spell to start with, Fireball Training, connected to Alt-1. Use it then click the mage staff icon on target to shoot. Every Stage starts with all mobs in ranks on your left. You must prevent them from getting to the red line on your right. When 5 mobs have crossed the line the minigame ends.

Each mob, except the Tortoises, has a special effect, and a point value, when shot.


If you see a flaming Tortoise, kill him to gain a second skill, Blasting Fireball (Alt-2), that destroys all adjacent targets just like killing a Fiery Newt. This skill can stack, and an effect icon with the number of this attack available to you appears in your Effects Box.

Kill all Fiery Newts first, then Tortoises, then Armored Bugs, and then, finally, the Running Rabbits.

If your level is 50 or higher you also receive 10-30Phirius Shells Phirius Shells ×10-30 (dependent on score).


The game is broken into waves, or stages. Completing the first stage gains an additional 30 points. Each successive stage completed awards a bonus of the amount the previous wave gave plus another 30.

When the game ends a Server Leaderboard is displayed.

Ultimate Rewards: Speak to Kate Wesker to exchange your certificates for rewards. You need one each of Certificate: The Key to Timing and Certificate: The Key to Survival. This will earn you one of the following rewards:

Timed Training[]

There is a max time limit of 3:30 minutes. The game ends when 5 enemies cross the finish line or the timer runs out. Each successive wave moves faster.

Reward: Certificate: The Key to Timing

Arena Training[]

The game ends when a total of 5 enemies have crossed the finish line. Each successive wave moves faster.

Reward: Certificate: The Key to Survival